XPS Viewer for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera Users

We provide an advanced standalone XPS Viewer (not hosted in Microsoft Internet Explorer), so if Firefox, Google-Chrome or Opera is your default browser; you can use our XPS Viewer to open , annotate, save a copy, print and signing an XPS documents.

For our XPS Viewer, we adding some new features including annotations, document properties, and sidebar for ease of reading. Here's our XPS Viewer main features:

  • Allow you to add notes or comments to an XPS documents to flag information or to highlight items of interest for later reference, support for adding text-notes, ink-notes, and highlight annotations.
  • Can adding document-properties to your XPS documents (creator, identifier, content-type, title, subject, description, keywords, language, category), this feature will help you to manage your XPS documents easily.
  • Built-in sidebar for ease of reading. The sidebar contains a thumbnails from all pages, you can jump from one page to another by simply clicking the thumbnails of the page.
  • Support security features, such as digital signatures to provide greater document security. To use this feature, your system must have an X.509 certificate manager installed such as for use with a SmartCard.
  • Support for common operations including save-a-copy, print-output, copy-to-clipboard, zoom, and text-search.
  • Standalone XPS Viewer (not hosted in Microsoft Internet Explorer). Allow you to open an XPS documents even Microsoft Internet Explorer is not your default browser, this is an XPS Viewer for Firefox, Google-Chrome, and Opera users.

Our XPS Viewer name is Danet Viewer, this is a part of our Danet Studio software suite. Danet Studio is an all-in-one applications: Custom XPS Document Writer, Advanced Standalone XPS Viewer, XPS Annotator and Signer, XPS Splitter and Merger, Flow Document Maker, Advanced Standalone Flow Document Reader, Word Processor, Text to Speech and much more.

We decided to release Danet Viewer separately from Danet Studio for smaller download size, this is a lite-version from our software suite. We give it name "XPS Annotator".