Standalone XPS Viewer

The XPS Viewer is designed to display an XPS Document. The XPS Viewer provides an intuitive user interface that provides built-in support for common operations including print output, copy to clipboard, zoom, and text search features. The XPS Viewer provides access to pages of content through a familiar scrolling mechanism. The standard XPS Viewer is hosted in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

We provide an advanced standalone XPS Viewer (not hosted in Internet Explorer), we adding some new features including annotations, document properties, and sidebar for ease of reading. The sidebar contains a thumbnails for all pages, you can jump from one page to another by clicking the thumbnails. You can adding document properties to your XPS Documents (creator, identifier, content type, title, subject, descriptions, keywords, language, category), this feature will help you to manage your documents easily.

Our XPS Viewer also support digital signatures to provide greater document security, and support for common operations including print output and so on.