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XPS Annotator reach the 100K milestone on CNET

After previously XPS Annotator received 4.5 stars from CNET Editors, and now XPS Annotator has made a new history for us to pass through 100.000 downloads on CNET Download.com.

This is a special moment for us, and thanks for those who are downloading and using our software.

Free XPS Converter Download

We provide free XPS Converter that will help you to convert your XPS files to image formats, and the image formats that are supported by our XPS document converter is PNG, JPG (JPEG), BMP, GIFF, and TIFF.

Our XPS to Image Converter application is very easy to use, and the minimum supported operating system is Windows XP and Windows Server 2003. Read all of the features and requirements of our XPS Converter.

Free XPS Document Writer Download

Before you can creating XPS Document, your system must have XPS Document Writer installed. The Microsoft XPS Document Writer is a printer driver that allows you to generate XPS file using the print feature on any word processing program.

For users of Windows Vista or Windows 7 than the XPS Document Writer will automatically installed on your system, but if your are the users of Windows XP or Windows Server 2003, you need to installing one of two software as follows (choose one):

Open XPS Document using XPS Annotator

To view or open an XPS documents, you can using our free software called XPS Annotator. XPS Annotator not just allows you to open XPS documents but it can also convert your XPS documents to image files.

You can annotate and add a digital signature to your XPS documents with this freeware. How to open the XPS documents:

  • Download and install the XPS Annotator. Make sure to read the system requirements before installing it in your system.
  • Run the XPS Annotator or you can double clicking the XPS file to open the documents.

Convert XPS to Image using XPS Annotator

To convert XPS to image format like JPG / JPEG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, or GIF you can using our free software called XPS Annotator since actually XPS Annotator is also an XPS converter to image.

You can convert your XPS files as an image as follows:

  • Download XPS Annotator here.
  • Open your XPS document using the software.
  • Under File menu, click Save as Image.
  • Give it a name and then click save.

Convert DOC to XPS format

Convert a DOC to other formats such as XPS file is sometimes necessary in your daily work, and to do that you do not need other tools as may be the required software already installed on your computer.

What is XPS Document Writer and how to get the XPS Writer

The XPS Document Writer is a printer driver that allows you to creating XML Paper Specification (XPS) file extensions. The XPS document creation process will be very easy because you can use any program to creating XPS file as long as the program has the printing feature.

On the Vista and Windows 7 operating system, the Microsoft XPS Document Writer already installed by default since both OS use the XPS Document Writer as the default print spooler format.

What is XPS Document, how to create and open XPS file format

Microsoft loves to make new document formats, and to open it mostly we have to install a software made by Microsoft also, as an example is the DOCX format which requires to have Microsoft Office 2007.

And again Microsoft creating new document format that is XPS file which is an alternative for the PDF document.

What is XPS Document

XPS stands for XML Paper Specification which is a fixed document format similar to Adobe PDF document, its an XAML-based, and standardized as ECMA-388 on June 16, 2009 by ECMA International.

XPS Annotator received 4.5 stars from CNET Editors

CNET editors gives the XPS Annotator rating with an excellent four and a half stars. CNET Download.com is one of the most respectable download sites, longest standing software review, and distribution sites on the net.

This free tool does much more than the native Windows utility, but it's just as easy to use. XPS Annotator is recommended to anyone who handles XPS documents.

XPS Annotator Portable

Official release of the XPS Annotator portable has never been done, but you can create XPS Annotator become portable with the help of your own. How is it?

The trick is very easy, when you install XPS Annotator on your system, there are four kinds of files stored on your computer, the files are: license.txt, unins000.DAT, unins000.exe, and XpsAnnotator.exe.

To make XPS Annotator become portable, you simply take the XpsAnnotator.exe from Program files and put it elsewhere (i.e. your flashdisk), try to open the XPS Annotator in other computer.


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